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Power Generation Systems

Mission Statement

At REPI, we are able to deliver reliable and efficient energy solutions from the conceptual phase to its completion. We also ensure that our projects are reasonably price and delivered on schedule. This puts our clients in a prime position for an excellent investment. We are focused on developing energy solutions based on a wide range of requirements. REPI offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for power generation plants, offering progressive solutions for all your energy needs.

Our Power Systems Division assures successful partnerships with our clients based on our excellent track record. We will provide financial analyses and feasibility studies based on the most reliable solution to fit your technical requirements. We take into account all of the direct and associated costs over the projected lifespan of the project. The results will be discussed with our clients in detail, including cost breakdowns (fuel, debt service, and O&M), internal rate of returns and the expected payback period for your review.

REPI will guide you through the necessary steps to take with the local utility company and provide consultation for to give our clients a comprehensive coverage of the project. In most cases we will also be able to provide financing packages when required.

Our expertise in power systems comes from the vast experience gain from developing power generation projects. We have the ability to manage projects and integrate the technical, environmental, economic, financial, regulatory and legal aspects of any given project to provide our clients with a turnkey solution to their requirements - global experience with local expertise.



Scope of Services:

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies.
  • Conceptual, basic, and detailed engineering.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Field supervision for construction.
  • Electrical design and detailed drawings.
  • Civil and structural design, manufacturing, and planning



At REPI, we put tremendous emphasis on an open and transparent procurement process. We ensure that our supply chain model is buffered against all projectable disruptions and we maintain an efficient and lean logistical model. All these savings are trickled down to our customers as we are strong believers in providing the best we can for our clients.


Components Division

Complete Parts Solution

Purchasing essential engineering components for power plant equipment is a simple process. But finding a supplier that also provides value-added services is difficult. At REPI, we supply you with the original manufacturer’s parts and quality technical services through a single channel. We have extensive industrial experience in electric power generation that enables us to better understand your needs. We also provide a group of highly skilled technicians and experienced sales-team to meet the requirements of operating the power plants.

Our Components Division is focused on the following:

Components supply for the entire power plants including engines and auxiliary equipment. In addition we also provide the following

  • Diagnostic with services
  • Generator inspection
  • Measurement of partial discharges
  • Electrical testing of generators and transformers.
  • Oil analysis and monitoring for transformers according to the criteria established by S.D. Myer
  • Protection coordination
  • Electrical sub-station services
  • Fuel monitoring and analysis in compliance with standards from ABS Oil Testing Services of the USA
  • Thermal analysis of the entire electrical system
  • Laser alignment for electric motors or internal combustion (HFO – Diesel – Gas) engines
  • Vibration analysis for rotating equipment
  • Noise level and sound attenuation studies
  • Monitoring of maintenance records
  • Problem solving and support planning


Principal Supplier

We specialize in supplying any type of components or spare parts that your plant may require. We utilize a network of reliable suppliers and offer very competitive prices. We provide only genuine parts from the original manufacturer. For auxiliary equipment, we carry brands like:

L’Orange, Bosch, Schneider Electric Wesfalia Parts, Berghof America, Moeller Sterling, ABB, WIKA, Allweiler (All complete parts for cylinder head engines) Bollfilter, GEA, IMO Pump, Hatlapa, OEM Wartsilla parts, ENPACO, Man B&W, Hyundai, Pielstick parts, Nigata parts, Mak, Vickers, Deutz and Caterpillar®.


Project Development

We cover the full range of services, from initial project identification, feasibility studies and financial structuring, to construction management and commissioning. Our engineers operate with a top-down and bottom-up approach such that they fully comprehend the project in order to administer the best service. We have successfully participated in the integrated development of projects involving:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Conceptual, basic, and detailed engineering
  • Procurement, contracting, and logistics management
  • Project and construction management
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance


Financing Options

We have successfully participated in the integrated development of projects involving:

  • Project Funding
  • Debt Structuring
  • Financial Projections
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cash flow studies and projections
  • Complete project financial viability studies
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Leasing Options


Marine Equipments

All our marine equipments and spares comply with established international quality standards and are assured for their robust structure, durability, corrosion resistance and exceptional quality. The assortment of our product includes:

  • Marine Generators
  • Marine Compressors
  • Marine Main & Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts
  • Marine Hydraulic Motors
  • Marine Hydraulic Pumps
  • Marine Oil Separators
  • Marine Turbochargers

Marine Generators

We are one of the leading exporters and suppliers of a diverse range of reliable Marine Generators. They consistently experience high market demand and are recognized for their high stress tolerance, stability, dimensional and geometric accuracy, corrosion resistance and efficient performance. The types of competitively priced marine generators offered by us include:

  • Marine Deisel Generator – We are reckoned as one of the prominent marine diesel generator exporter in the region. We are able to develop a strong network of repeat clients, both local and international, due to the unmatched quality and performance of our product. Additionally, our diesel generators are specially tailored to meet the specifications of our customer’s requirements.
  • Marine Fresh-Water Generator – Our marine fresh-water generators are among the most reputable in the industry. Similar to our diesel generators, we constantly experience returning customers and this is a testament that there are no alternatives when it comes to efficient and reliable marine fresh-water generators.


Marine Compressors

We have established a name of repute as one of the leading exporters and suppliers of marine compressors. Our products adhere strictly to industrial standards. Some of the qualities of our products include durability, corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, high reliability, dimensional precision and more. Although our marine compressors are always in high demand, we are able to present our customers with extremely competitive pricings and minimal waiting time for product shipment.

  • Marine Compressor – We are engaged in exporting and supplying high quality marine air compressor. Our high quality marine air compressors are very reliable and priced affordably. It is available in various specifications and suitable for a diverse range of applications.
    Applications of Marine Air Compressor
    • For inflation purposes
    • For supplying pressurized clean air to a submerged surface supplied diver
    • For supplying high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders
    • For supplying large amount of pressurized air to power pneumatic tools
    • Producing large volumes of pressurized air for macroscopic industrial processes like oxidation for petroleum coking and cement plant kiln baghouse systems

    Brands of Marine Air Compressor
    • J.P.SAUER & SOHN
    • SPERRE
    • TANABE


  • Marine Chilling Compressor – The company is widely regarded as one of the most reliable marine chilling compressor exporters and suppliers. Our marine chilling compressors are in huge demand due to the unmatched quality and unparalleled performance.
    • Rust and corrosion resistant
    • High performance
    • Easy operation
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Lightweight
    • Energy Efficient

    Brands of Marine Chilling Compressor
    • DAIKIN
    • MYCOM
    • BOCK
    • SABROE
    • BITZER


Marine Main Engine Spare Parts

Our company exports only the highest quality marine main engine spare parts, which are used extensively in the marine industry. The variety of the marine main engine spare parts offered by the company has several distinguished properties that make us the foremost choice of buyers. Our line of marine main engine spare parts we are well-known for their excellent quality, accurate composition, precise dimensioning and high performance.


  • Exceptional finish
  • Extremely durable
  • High strength
  • Resistant to adverse conditions
  • Varied dimension
  • Easy to Install
  • Dimensional Accuracy

Marine Hydraulic Pump

The company is one of the major marine hydraulic motor exporters. At every stage of sourcing, we guarantee all our hydraulic motors are subjected to the most stringent quality control procedures.


  • Based on Advance Technology
  • High Performance
  • Easy Operation and low maintenance cost
  • Excellent finish and precise dimension
  • Endures harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to Install
  • Dimensional Accuracy


Marine Oil Separator

The Marine Oil Separators we export and supply are designed based on the latest technology. Excellent performance, easy operation, durable and minimal maintenance are some of the definitive traits of our marine oil separators. Our clients will have access to our marine oil separators at very affordable prices and come delivered in tamper-proof packing.

Brands of Marine Oil Separator



Marine Turbocharger

We are one of the leading marine turbocharger exporters and suppliers. The marine turbochargers we offer are in high demand due to its durability, high stress tolerance, efficient performance and impressive quality. Our marine turbochargers are priced reasonably and come with comprehensive packing to prevent damage from transportation.

Brands of Marine Turbocharger

  • M.A.N
  • BBC
  • B&W


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  • Automobile