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Power Generation

REPI also offers extensive technical expertise in the installation, operation and maintenance of these power solutions to ensure that our clients maintain efficient, uninterrupted cost-effective power. Our power solutions can be installed with a full complement of load banks, transformers, and switch gear and fuel storage tanks.

Besides supplying power generation equipment, REPI has extensive experience supplying our clients with auxiliary equipment such as water or air based chillers, air compressors, and electric heaters.

Whether you require small output, temporary power at a specific job site, or supplying base load-scale, megawatt power, REPI can provide you with all your power generation needs.


General Industrial

Industrial manufacturing facilities depend on uninterrupted, reliable, cost-effective electricity to maintain high quality production output. Whether supplying power directly to a main facility or powering essential support functions, REPI electric power systems help industries maintain production efficiency, meet production schedules and achieve financial objectives.

Manufacturing growth usually requires increased energy to maximize production. Companies that had relied on utility power often find it more cost-effective to generate their own power. Whether the need is to expand current power or to control power generation for specific applications, REPI can help you with your power generation requirements. REPI also offers the following auxiliary accessories:

  • Water chillers – to cool product, remove heat and maintain critical temperatures
  • Heat exchangers – Stainless-steel and food-grade for heating or cooling products
  • Dehumidifiers – For moisture control in plants, to prevent products from sticking together, prevent condensation on floors and equipment for safety reasons and extend product shelf life
  • Air conditioners – Industrial portable air conditioners to maintain temperatures for critical processes, provide ventilation for safety concerns, maintain worker comfort and reduce turnover.
  • Portable generators – Temporary, silenced, diesel-powered generators to maintain production and prevent downtime.
  • Accessory load banks, transformers and fuel tanks
  • Oil-free air compressors and air dryers – 100% oil-free air compressors for instruments or to process air.
  • Heaters – 100% flame and fume-free electric heaters to maintain temperatures for processes, provide comfort for workers. Customized Tec Heat units can be an alternative to methyl bromide spraying for integrated pest management.

REPI also supplies the technical know-how to engineer temporary power projects. We provide teams of highly trained, experienced technicians and engineers who can assist you not only in solving power needs, but also to help design power improvements that can make your production process more energy cost-effective. From large, multi-megawatt projects, to small stand alone applications, our technicians and engineers have the technical expertise and knowledge that can assist in the continued, uninterrupted operation of your facility. From design, logistics, installation, to operation and maintenance, REPI can provide the power support network to maintain your facility's production continuity.


Gas Turbine

Energy can be obtained from a gas turbine through shaft power or compressed air. The need for equipment maintenance increases with age and most facilities require a fast turnaround on parts sent for repairs. Power Plant Services (PPS) has the capabilities to manufacture parts to assist you with scheduled and unscheduled outages in a fast, efficient manner with quality replacement parts.

PPS can also build gas turbine parts to match your specifications or repair damaged components to OEM specifications. We stock raw materials in our facilities to decrease the amount of time our customers wait for parts to be manufactured and delivered.

Our experience includes:

  • Compressor Blades
  • Bolts / Fasteners / Pins
  • Oil Deflectors
  • Air Seals

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